About Me

Rescue, repair, reuse and rethink...

If you like to find things by intuition, shopping at salvage yard, markets, art galleries and exhibitions or just surround yourself with things you love to look at, no matter how ordinary or irregular they might be... please feel at ease.

I live in Poland where I travel all around regions stick to the Carpathian Mountains and continually track down abandoned, unwanted object and give them a new lease of life.

My passion is making things of all sorts, but my favourite material, the most friendly and the closest to the human nature life is the wood. It requires a lot of experiences and patience to reveal its true hidden beauty, but for me there is a joy in the act of making. I hope that my 'wooden pieces' will bring simplicity and comfort to someone's life or will inspire you to see the beauty in the recycling.
The inspiration to create my art is the relationship of man and nature, it is not a decorating style, but a whole worldview.
I wish you to have many happy memories of traveling around the world, finding things by intuition, maby one day our paths may cross in the future.

Slawek Brodzicki